The art of leading evidence

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The art of leading evidence

Date 23 & 24 Oct
Type Live
Hours 4hrs

Puneet Aggarwal

Independent Legal Practitioner

What will you Learn in the Course?

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  • Understanding Concept
  • Burden of proof v/s Onus of Proof Effect of presumptions preponderance of probability Beyond
  • Reasonable doubt

Tendering of documents

  • Documentary Oral
  • Electronic evidence

  • Relevant Fact Fact in Issue
  • Documentary Evidence - Admission/denial of documents mode of proving document
  • Summoning of witnesses of record

Oral Evidence

  • Examination in chief
  • Tendering of documents Recording Examination-in-chief


  • Relevance of order of calling witnesses Art of cross examination


Closing evidence


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“The course extremely practical and deals with the practical nuances of corporate drafting. It was brilliant opportunity for me to participate in this course and enabled myself to gain immense practical nuances of corporate drafting.”

Ayush Kumar

Law Student

“This course has enabled me to gain immense practical knowledge about civil drafting. During the course I drafted a plaint for the recovery of money, various applications. Apart from immense practical learning, I also learnt various provisions and rationale behind the concerned applications and petitions.”

Suyash Dixit

Law Student

“Law Community has really delivered the lectures with utmost clarity and integrity and has covered all the aspects of Drafting of such agreements and has also shared his personal experiences and guidance in making them.”

Nirupam Bhatnagar

Legal Administrator

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Meet your mentor

Puneet Kumar Agarwal

Independent Legal Practitioner

Mr. Puneet Kumar Agarwal has his own law chamber and is an of-counsel with Animesh Sinha and Partners. He has an extensive original side practice before the Delhi High Court and the Delhi District Courts. His core areas of practice includes Property, Contracts, Media and Entertainment, Intellectual Property Rights and criminal prosecution and defence.

Mr. Agarwal is an experienced litigator. He has led evidence in a variety of civil matters such as matters of partition, money recovery, recovery of property, matters of specific performance, etc. On the criminal side, Mr. Agarwal caters particularly to prosecution and defence of white collar crimes and corporate frauds.

Over the years, he has extensively practiced the art of carrying evidence. He has a nuanced understanding of not only practise and procedures but also, other intangible aspects - which he will be sharing with us during the course of this session.


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